A Crypto Philanthropy Project developed by Evfiam.ORG NGO
                                                            In partnership with Polisano Foundation


All over the world, people, individual or collective causes or even entire communities rely on NGOs to gather financial support by receiving from donors and deliver it around the world efficiently and cost-effectively, making the greatest positive impact at the lowest possible administrative cost.
As an NGO we commit to using all the means at our disposal, combining tireless effort with the careful, often innovative use of available resources to do more with less – particularly in a post-pandemic, insecure economic, social and medical context.
We are here to support and sustain the medical public sector, to save a life, the life of the unprotected, the innocent, and the vulnerable – children with cardiac disease. For these children, the surgery that, by gathering funds we help pay, will save their lives.


Evfiam.ORG is a private Romanian legal entity, a non-governmental, apolitical organization, non-profit, established according to the provisions of Government Ordinance no. 26/2000 on associations and foundations, approved by Law no. 246/2005.
The purpose for which EVFIAM.ORG is established is to create an organizational framework for undertaking humanitarian, material and social assistance actions, consisting in identifying and helping newborns, children, and families with financial or health problems, abandoned or abused children and supporting them financially or through a broad range of social services designed to prevent or treat their problems to improve their living condition and give them a chance to a better future.


REHEART is an EVFIAM.ORG project that sets its purpose to safe life! Through our NGOs projects, we aim to gather funds to Restart the hearts of the little sick children and Restore their right to life!
Together with Polisano Foundation, we wish to restore childhood’s beauty and help the little ones smile once more!
We live in an unjust world where year after year parents greatly suffer from the loss of their children and the little ones aren’t able to feel the happiness as their early life comes to an end too soon, because of different heart illnesses.
These children cannot live their well-deserved childhood, cannot play along with their parents in a park, celebrate birthdays with family and friends, go to school like their peers, and, finally, cannot become happy and fulfilled adults their parents would be so proud of.
Unfortunately, these normal things in life are not possible for many Romanian children as this cruel illness selfishly successfully steals their precious and delicate lives.
A substantial number of little patients have been waiting for a long time for their life-saving heart surgery, thus wasting away their childhood.
Because of the dwindling number of doctors in the field and insufficient funding, the Polisano Foundation along with the partners ask for your help!
We wish to hold a fundraiser to save and fulfill the dream and the possibility of these children being able to live a happy, healthy and bright childhood and also to help surgeons in offering the best training for their teams, preventing extreme cases along with the improvement of the illness’ diagnosis programs.

04. Crypto Philanthropy. WHY NFTs?

The digitalization of non-governmental organizations is thus of particular importance. Yet digital transformation is not just a question of technical feasibility. It is also about connecting people, processes, and technologies, enabling innovation, and bringing about change. For NGOs it is thus important to approach digital transformation strategically, uncovering digitalization gaps and showing positive effects on their work. The nonprofit sector is seeing a generational shift in how donors engage with causes they support, led by tech innovations like crypto and NFTs.
NFTs, or nonfungible tokens, have created a wealth of opportunities over the last year. It’s important to distinguish the difference between cryptocurrency and NFTs, even though both use blockchain technology and both are having their moment: cryptocurrencies are fungible tokens and have a universal value. Non-fungible tokens have no value unless art, music, tweets, memes, or other data is stored.
We use art – our 20 manually drawn NFTs – to give value to the tokens, and most important – life. Beyond the pecuniary, or artistic value of our NFTs, the real, inherent value is the life that will be saved. Effectively, each token is associated with a saved child’s life, a heart that will beat healthy in his chest for many years to come.


Our fundraising project consists of 20 manually drawn NFTs, that can help 20 souls to be able to have a normal life and an additional number of 10.000 generated NFTs that would be able to help the teams of surgeons and also improve this harsh illness diagnosis program.

One of the key reassurances in our project is the transparency of the transaction being the fact that the donor has the opportunity, especially in the first phase, to have access to real facts and data, to put a name to a face, to know about the life he saved. This process provides a comforting level of transparency.


The first phase in developing and implementing our project began with its planning, forming the partnership with the Polisano Foundation, building its initial website, and creating several hand-drawn NFT designs.
The second phase of the project consists in establishing a solid collaboration
between the benefactors and the strategic partners, followed by the launch of
the hand-drawn and generated NFT collection as well. This, in turn, could immensely help the first heart surgeries with the aid of
our benefactors.
Following the previous steps, our project would assist the training
program of surgeons and the medical teams. It would also bring forth new
partnerships with additional new Foundations and thus, it could sustain the
national health system.
Lastly, we will make preparations for the new upcoming charitable

1st phase
Project planning and creation
Polisano Foundation Partnership
Building the initial website
Hand-drawn NFT design

2nd phase
Collaboration between the benefactors and the strategic partners
Launch of the hand-drawn NFT collection
Generated NFT collection
The first heart surgeries with the help of our benefactors

3rd phase
Surgeon and medical team training program
New partnerships with other Foundations
Sustain the national health system

Preparations for the new charitable project.

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